Expert Bike Repair Service With Two Decades of Experience

Domex Bikes benefits from two decades of experience in delivering service excellence by our older and bigger sister company Domex Appliance Services. We use this expertise to bring to you convenient, professional and dependable bike repair service that’s synonymous with Domex.

About us
About us

Overview of Domex Bikes

At Domex Bikes, we are passionate about bikes and service excellence. When you combine those two things inside a mobile workshop that conveniently comes to your doorstep, you get what Domex Bikes is all about.

Our bike mechanics are passionate about bikes, while our co-founders are passionate about Service Excellence. Our sister company Domex, has helped over one million customers in the past two decades. This incredible experience has been helping us to think of you, our customer and how we can make your life easier and more convenient. 

You no longer need to spend time, effort or even get the inside of your car dirty trying to take your bikes to a local shop. Domex Bikes takes all that hassle away from you – and does it with a smile.

We take pride in what we do and working professionally is important to us. This is why we’ve put a lot of consideration, investment and passion (yes again) in creating our mobile bike mechanic workshops. They allow our bike mechanics to work in all weather conditions and come to you, whether at your home or at your work or on the side of the road. We don’t stop there, we ensure the quality of their work is up to the standards we’ve been building in the past two decades.

Our Purpose & Values

At Domex Bikes, our mission goes beyond just fixing bicycles. We are dedicated to being your companion in the world of cycling, ensuring that every ride is an extraordinary experience

Our Purpose

To help people enjoy their bikes ride like a dream. 

What do we mean by that? Well, we don’t just repair or service your bike. We want your bike to be safe, to ride smoothly and to feel all its components working effortlessly.

Our Values

We are Passionate about bikes; Professional – we are inspired to follow the rules and the process of the business and aim to be experts at our jobs; Dependable – we are honest and reliable, that’s in the core of who we are: Can-do mindset – we select, train and support our people to never give up on challenges or one another. So, you as a customer can rest assured that we won’t give up on you either.

About us

Why Domex Bikes?

We are a team of enthusiasts united by a passion for bicycles and a commitment to making your cycling journey truly unique


We “bring your local bike repair shop to your front door”, how cool is that? We can visit you at your home, at your work or even on the side of the road. Now, that’s super cool!

Expert Mechanics

You can expect that our bike mechanics are able to carry out regular bike service or repair on any type of bikes including e-bikes. That’s because they are cytech trained and with years of experience while also guided by our high standards. They are just experts!

Passionate about bikes

Our mechanics are passionate about bikes. They love riding them, fixing them, servicing them, restoring them, building them – you get the idea, we just love bikes!

About us


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About us


Expert Mechanic
About us


Expert Mechanic