Ultimate Intensive Use Bike Service in South London, South West London & Surrey

Designed for the cyclists who push their limits – be it through competitions, long commutes, or conquering High Alpine Passes. Our full bike refresh and reset service is the annual must-have to keep you at the forefront of performance.

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The ultimate refresh for high-performance cycling

For the dedicated cyclist who demands the best from their gear, we offer “intensive use” service. This premium service is specifically designed for those who challenge their bikes with competitive cycling maintenance, long commute bike care, and rides through high alpine passes cycling. If you push your bicycle to the limits and need care that keeps high-efficiency cycling with your demands, “intensive use” is the perfect fit for you.

What's included in your "Intensive use" service?

The “intensive use” is a comprehensive overhaul designed to bring high-mileage bicycles back to their peak conditions. Here’s what you can expect:

Full bike refresh

Completely bike rebuild and reset, ensuring every component is in pristine condition.

Full safety check

Every part of your bike undergoes a rigorous inspection to ensure everything is secure and functional.

Gear system overhaul

Includes gear cable replacement, alignment, and adjustments to guarantee smooth shifting.

Brake system overhaul

We replace and adjust brake cables and pads, aligning everything for optimal stopping power.

Drivetrain cleaning

Removal, degreasing, and re-lubrication of the chain, chainrings, sprocket, and derailleurs enhance the efficiency.

Headset and bottom bracket reset

These crucial components are cleaned, adjusted, and reset to ensure smooth steering and pedalling.

Wheel hub service

Servicing of wheel hubs includes cleaning, greasing, and reassembly to maximize wheel efficiency and performance.

Wheels trued

Straightening of wheels to remove any imperfections that could affect the ride.

Tyre inspection and inflation

We check and adjust your tyres to the perfect pressure for your specific riding conditions.

Comprehensive cleaning and polishing

From frame to components, your bicycle will not only work like new but also look spectacular.

This “intensive use“offer ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride, helping you achieve the best possible cycling experience with every pedal stroke.

Explaining the process

When you choose “intensive use” bike service, you are signing up for the ultimate bike service that meticulously caters to every aspect of your needs:

  • assessment and disassembly – our technicians start by stripping your bicycle down to the frame, and carefully inspecting each part for wear and damage;
  • component overhaul – each component, from the gears to the brakes, is either replaced or thoroughly maintained. This includes gear cable replacement, brake system overhaul, and more;
  • system resets – the headset and bottom bracket reset process ensure that steering and pedalling feel smooth and effortless;
  • drivetrain and wheels – drivetrain cleaning is followed by a detailed wheel hub care and wheels trued to perfection, enhancing overall efficiency;
  • reassembly and enhancements – after each part is cleaned, greased, and adjusted, the bicycle is reassembled and given a comprehensive clean and polish, making it ready for any challenge.

“Intensive use” service is the ultimate package for any cyclist looking to elevate their bike’s performance to the highest standard.

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Domex Bikes: Mastering every terrain and challenge

We understand that intensive bike use demands more than just occasional maintenance. Our services are designed to enhance your cycling performance enhancement across any terrain – city streets or mountain passes. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail makes us the go-to shop for professional bike servicing.

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