Regular Use Service for Your Bike in South London, South West London & Surrey

For the avid commuter and the trail enthusiast, our “regular use” bike service ensures your bicycle remains in peak condition for your daily journeys and rigorous rides. The best part, we come to you for the ultimate convenience.

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Optimized performance for the daily rider (regular user)

For those who rely on their bicycles for daily commuting or regular trail adventures, we offer “regular bike use”. This comprehensive package is tailored to maintain your bike in optimal condition, ensuring reliable performance and enhancing your riding experience. Our offer is designed for commuter cycling and enthusiastic trail riders alike, providing thorough care tailored specifically to the needs of frequent riders.

What's included in your "Regular use" service?

Our “regular use” includes a detailed suite of procedures to keep your bicycle running smoothly and efficiently:

Full safety check

Every session starts with a rigorous bicycle safety check to identify any potential issues that could affect safety and performance.

Gear cable replacement

We replace old or worn gear cables to ensure smooth shifting and reliable operation.

Brake system overhaul

Includes brake cable replacement and cleaning of brake pads/discs, along with precise brake adjustments.

Drivetrain cleaning

Complete removal, degreasing, and re-lubrication of the chain, chainrings, sprocket, and derailleurs to maintain optimal drivetrain efficiency.

Tyre inflation

We check and adjust tyre pressure to the recommended levels for your specific riding conditions.

Wheel truing service

Our technicians true (straighten) the wheels to eliminate buckles or hops for a smoother ride.

Headset adjustment and bottom bracket tuning

Fine-tuning these crucial components to eliminate unwanted movement and ensure smooth steering and pedalling.

Bike polishing

A final touch that leaves your bicycle not only performing great but also looking great.

This offer package is comprehensive, addressing all the essential maintenance tasks that are crucial for regular riders.

Explaining the process

When you book a “regular use” bike service, here’s what you can expect:

  • arrival and initial inspection – our professional team starts with a full bicycle safety check to assess the overall condition of your bicycle and plan out the necessary adjustments and replacements;
  • systematic adjustments and replacements – from gear cable replacement to brake system overhaul, each component is addressed thoroughly to ensure top performance;
  • cleaning and lubrication – the drivetrain cleaning process involves an in-depth degrease followed by precise re-lubrication, crucial for maintaining component longevity and efficiency;
  • precision tuning – wheel truing, along with headset and bottom bracket adjustment, is performed meticulously to ensure every ride is as smooth as possible;
  • final checks and enhancements – tyre inflation and polishing conclude the process, ensuring your bicycle looks and rides like new.

This detailed process is designed to not only maintain your bike but to enhance its overall functionality and reliability, which is essential for trail bike care.

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Why our service has no match?

Our “regular use” service stands out for several reasons. Our mechanics are not only cytech certified but also enthusiasts themselves, which means they handle your bike with the same care and attention they would their own. Coming in a industry leading mobile workshops, they cover everything from headset adjustment to bottom bracket tuning, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Also, on all replacements, from gear cables to brake systems, we use only high-quality, durable components to ensure the best performance and reliability. In addition, we prioritize your convenience and satisfaction above all, ensuring that everything is performed thoroughly and on time.

These elements make our “regular use” service offer truly unmatched in the realm of professional bike servicing, especially for commuter bike maintenance.

Schedule your Regular Use service today

Ready to ensure your bike is in perfect condition for your daily commutes or regular trail rides? Schedule your regular bike service with us today. Booking is easy – just a few clicks on our website or a quick call. Don’t compromise on performance or safety. Let our experts take care with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Contact us now to book and experience the best reliable bike service. Keep your bicycle performing at its best and transform your riding experience with us. Whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend trail enthusiast, our offer is exactly what you need to keep and use your bike in top-notch condition. Make your booking today to take advantage of our expert care and trail-riding maintenance solutions!

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